Black Jack Step By Step

A round of blackjack is basically easy, but of course it looks a little different in the details. First a round begins with the players setting their stakes. There are usually minimum stakes and betting limits at a table. After that, the dealer starts shuffling the cards and one player separates the deck. This is to prevent potential card counting. Now each player receives a card from the dealer, which is laid out face up in front of him. In addition, the dealer also gives himself a card. Next, each player is dealt another card. The dealer also receives a second card, this time face down. In a game with only one deck of cards, the player cards are also dealt face down.

If the player now has an ace and a face card, he can be happy because then he has 21 points and thus a Black Jack. If the dealer does not have blackjack, the winnings are paid out to the player immediately. Conversely, however, the dealer wins and everyone without Blackjack loses their bet. If there is a tie, the stake is reduced because neither side has won.

The normal course of the game is that the players themselves decide whether they want to draw more cards or not. This can be done verbally or via signals with the hands. The player has to think about opportunities and risks. He must try to reach the 21 points or as high a number as possible, but must not get over 21 points, because he then lost immediately. The best way to do this is a question of Black Jack strategies and tips , which are presented below.

There is no guarantee of winning in blackjack. Ultimately, it is a game of chance that the best strategy cannot help you to always win. But there are, of course, strategies that can help increase your chances.

Doubling The Stake

One way to improve your chances a bit or at least get a higher profit is the so-called double down. If the player has a value between 9 and 11 on his first two cards, he is free to double his original bet. Then he receives another face-down card, which is only revealed after the other card has been evaluated.

Splitting The Cards

When the cards are split, the point is that the player gets two cards of the same kind at the beginning. That could be two kings, for example. He is now free to treat these two cards as separate sheets of paper. The bet then applies twice for the first and second card, whereby the second bet can also be increased. Thus, the player has two chances, which is not available to the dealer.

Run Optimal Game

What it means is that the probabilities are used optimally. The dealer’s hand is also taken into account. If this card has a value of 7 to Ace, it should be drawn up to a maximum of 17 points. Otherwise the player should stop drawing from 12 points to avoid taking unnecessary risks.

Blackjack Insurance

Insurance in blackjack is about the fact that a side bet can be placed for the current game, and that when the dealer reveals an ace. The side bet assumes that the dealer will next draw a 10 or face card. If this is the case, the players receive double the amount of the side bet for their insurance.

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