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The Formation Quest


Worthwhile Political Links...

Our Linking Standards Up Front...

There are two ways we morally link with other sites. One is if they link to support our site costs if they play on a level playing field with us, others like us, and with the ultimate consumer whose interests they, politically, and we, electively, do place first. The other is if they cross link with us as also on a level playing field. Should a site then also be commercial, they at least by presumption must also place the consumer first. 

This Page and a Third Standard...

Links those sites which standardize expressly to promote their political authority beyond their own constituencies as political parties. Therefore, a third standard also applies. We will apply the formative truths and facts to standardize their behavior accordingly, both as they profess and enact it.  Already for instance, a few we've contacted for inclusion here have disqualified themselves by professing to want a level playing field for the free flow of information while invoking various excuses for not practicing their professed beliefs by meeting the standards for same. "Bottom  line:" We're too small a site to be useful to them! Nonetheless, you can be sure those  listed here do practice what they preach.

A final Standard and a disclaimer...*

The sites listed below can help lead us toward a moral social contract given our standardizing their professed beliefs. Yet, we cannot and do not endorse them, their beliefs or their candidates beyond their having met the formatively-moral standards we've adopted here.

Please check these sites out and help us ethically to practice the formatively-moral principles we preach. You will help us help you as well.  Together we can expand our community of "moral self-interest" before it is too late.

*If you've any reason to doubt that they (or we) don't meet these standards, please e-mail one or both of our site operators


The Green Culture
Socially and environmentally responsible products and services
Jeff Barbour
Dana's brother has some interesting ideas of his own about the nature of man and the universe.

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