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Here you will find a revolutionary product of formative thought. It comes from within the human source to illustrate two things. First it shows that thought doesn't limit to the politically-moral or immoral behavior which forms to be this site's ultimate concern. Second, it shows how the thinking, intelligent layperson positively can contribute to our rational knowledge through that understanding which itself proceeds from that source. That is, we also must know to overcome our limitations to know even the rational facts which do exist separably from those individual self–interests which our also–limited word–concepts so easily and counterproductively serve through language. It's this which explains how “amateur” often make the breakthroughs the “experts” otherwise never saw as the “forest for the trees.” It's finally then that we offer the “rooms” tabled below to show all this with regard to one such breakthrough. The performers within varying physical activities, especially in competitive sport and those coaching or training them—and even animals—then directly can share in it even while their cooperation will put the claim to the demonstrable test.
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