The Formation Quest
This Site's Operating Standards...
  are formatively moral. 
 Here the operators of your site 
“practice what they preach.”
  -The Site's Operators-
    Dana Barbour, founder

Mark McCaskill, webmaster

    up to eight volunteers as page editors who'd have their own on site e-mail addresses 
    ...We only will link with sites privately or accept money from them politically in order to keep this site operating—and only will do so if they also put the consumer's rights first and play on a level playing field with us. This could include you.
    ...On our end, we will accept all qualified candidates for working with us equally on a first–come, first–served, space and time–available basis without permitting personal favoritism or the prospect of gaining wealth otherwise to intervene. Only your not meeting the needs of our contributing visitors as per your page assignment and in coordination with our webmaster in a timely manner will provide us the right to terminate your operating status.
The above is our operators' formative–moral pledge to you. Please make this our site where and when “our” would include you.

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Last modified on August 5, 1999