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Please visit some other sites which varyingly help to get the word out. First among them are those which politically and morally do offer the closest thing to a "level playing field" for the reader's/writer's mutual need for the free access to and interchange of information.
Our founder knows this because he wouldn't contract with still-others on the net who unduly would restrict our first right to access one another through their intermediation. Within the traditionally obsolescent marketing structure of the "publishers,""booksellers" and "distributors" which these rapidly are replacing, they- at least for now- do stand out among those private-sector and political others who still do impose information-access constraints otherwise from top-down with the offline case the model.
There's one large and refreshing exception to this with regard to the arts, artists and  consumers generally. We applaud Amazon.com for this and welcome the opportunity they morally afford you and us to choose together to share the wealth. Through the advanced knowledge we afford you here, you now can choose to let Amazon.com help pay for the costs of this non-commercial site by linking to them through this site.

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Pubspace is a key site by which you can understand how this brief window of opportunity is evolving online. (By the way, if you're a writer who wants to be published inexpensively, this site's especially useful as it links with the one below!)
iuniverse.com itself is the site to which "pubspace" refers as the most-promising source facilitating this new (and more moral!) marketing approach. It's also a site from which you can get a copy of The Question.
If someone offers a book or any other commodity or service for sale, the transaction is political--and your rights as a consumer morally come first. DealTime is a site which recognizes this with regard to books, music, and movies. They will give you a listing of many places where you can purchase a book, the formative books inclusive, while comparison shopping without cost from their site.

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Last modified on March 18, 2000