The Formation Quest and Filmmakers ----------------
The Formation Quest
A special offer to filmmakers ----------------

  Screenplay adaptations for The Question, the seminal work, are or soon will be available. Though the overriding theme of the novel is the founder's top concern, he also believes its adaptations will make splendid theatrical or TV productions of superior entertainment value. 
  There will be two theatrical scripts, one just under the standard, 2-hour time limitation. This one is available now. The other is of an overlength but still precedented 3-hour length. A viewable and/or downloadable trailer is available from this page in varying formats and substitutes both for  a synopsis and "treatment" which won't be available. 
  There will be two TV miniseries scripts, one a 2-part presentation, the other 3. Both will include previews and summaries as appropriate to their divisions and with standard commercial breaks considered. 
  Any or all of these soon will be available via e-mail request. 

  Trailers available now

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