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  This page is open to you for applying the word-formatives to your varied areas of expertise. Within an essay, you may address either an audience which includes those within your area or one of the thinking, intelligent layperson or, hopefully, both. We hope that you will "standardize" the word-concepts peculiar to your expertise by reference to those word-formatives.
  Please specify your area of expertise through its conceptual label and include your name in order for us to establish your copyright crediting for others. We will reserve editorial judgment of suitability to exclude your submission only if an intelligent layperson's reading of it shows it not to be a serious attempt to expand our knowledge or it exceeds 750 words in length. Otherwise, it will be published here on a first-come, first-served basis as per our own adherence to our word-formatives as morally they do apply—however much this site doesn't serve a commercial purpose to require it.
  If you don't understand what we're talking about here, it's likely you need to read more from this site and/or the formative works themselves before you do submit.
  Please also know that what you express or read here may or may not succeed formatively. Therefore, the operators of this site cannot necessarily endorse or reject what appears here.
  Please e-mail your submission to
  While this site is in development, Dana Barbour has placed this example of a formative approach to classroom teaching, a field in which he has significant personal experience. But this is your page and the first acceptable essay we receive will immediately replace it. We hope to see your ideas here soon! Write!
  Classroom Education

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