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There are two ways we morally link with other sites. One is if they link to support our site costs if they play on a level playing field with us, others like us, and with the ultimate consumer whose interests they, politically, and we, electively, do place first. The other is if they cross link with us as also on a level playing field. Should a site then also be commercial, they at least by presumption must also place the consumer first.

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Links those sites which meet the moral standards and offer works within the literary, visual or musical arts or support those who do. What they offer is within your own fully-optionable rights either to accept or reject privately as a possible visitor or consumer. Please check them out and help us ethically to practice the formatively-moral principles we preach. You will help us help you as well.  Together we can expand our community of "moral self–interest" before it is too late.*

* If you've any reason to doubt that they (or we) don't meet these standards, please e-mail one or both of our site operators


Kool Beanz

a kool koffee house on the koazt in Kokoa, Fla.

Cooler Entertainment

a musician, a new band and a recording studio for you

GeoSynchronous Records

Label for some great musicians including Big Red & the Bus

Ageless Jazz Quartet The Ageless Jazz Quartet

performs popular jazz standards in the South San Francisco Bay area

Terry Kelly Album Pic Terry Kelly

a return to the times when music mattered and songwriters had things to say

Celebrity Cafe TheCelebrityCafe.com

Interviews with interesting people in the arts

Celebrity Cafe Critical Eye

Political Art and Visual Commentary illustrating social and urban issues by Sol Robbins

Amazon.com  plays on this level field also by offering those who maintain this site an equal opportunity with other such sites to receive some assistance for maintaining it. Therefore we encourage you to shop there. By choosing to do so, you will help keep this site running.
Help wanted!
We'd like to expand our site to include pages for the arts but need volunteers to coordinate with Mark, our webmaster, in order to do this. Please contact webmaster@theformationquest.org if you're interested.

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