Are Diamonds Really a Girl’s Best Friend?

When thinking about the type of engagement ring to buy his soon-to-be fiance, most men think of diamonds. They’ve heard their significant others gush over diamonds, and believe that an engagement ring can be one thing and one thing only: a diamond set in a beautiful band of gold, silver, or white gold. However, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the diamond trade, leaving many women thinking about other types of stones they would like to see on their finger some day. If you are looking for a stone other than diamonds for your engagement ring, consider one of the following options:


There is nothing more sure to cause envy than an emerald. Emerald engagement rings are absolutely stunning, and having the green hue against a white gold or silver background make the ring pop with style and sophistication.

Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire engagement rings are some of the most sought after because of their brilliant blue coloring. They also provide a unique vintage look that has become very popular over the last couple of years.


The striking red color of a ruby is sure to catch anyone’s attention. If you find yourself constantly adorned in red, maybe you should consider requesting a ruby engagement ring. They are a little more expensive than a sapphire would cost, but they are well worth every extra penny you pay.


If you aren’t one to be rough on your hands, then an opal engagement ring may be a great option for you. Opals are a softer rock, but their brilliant and diverse colors make them a beautiful stone to have in an engagement ring.

Cultured Diamonds

For those who really enjoy the look of a diamond but don’t want to take part int the diamond trade, a cultured diamond is a great choice. They carry the beautiful sparkle of a real diamond, but because they were created in a lab they don’t cost as much and don’t have such a negative impact on the environment and on the workforce of other nations.

An engagement ring doesn’t have to be the traditional diamond as diamonds aren’t every girl’s best friend. An engagement ring needs to be you, and if you don’t like diamonds then getting something that is more fitting to your personality whether that be sapphire or emerald is up to you. Be sure to tell your significant other though so he doesn’t wind up getting you a diamond engagement ring.


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